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Address: # 1-B-301, No.6 Cuizhu St., 450001 Zhengzhou, Henan, China

  Core value
  People-oriented            Make profits with justice
  Integrity and unite         Innovation and excelsior
  Business philosophy
  Technology enterprises and Credit Management
  Corporate spirit
  Hard work and enduring arduous effort
  Pragmatic and efficient
  Boldness in innovation
  Development strategy
  We promise to develop excellent products for golf club, municipal-service lawn,palm,fruit trees and crops , to improve technology continuously and satisfy our users . Our purpose is to create a famous brand and make great effort on establishing a faithful cooperative harmonious relation with customer so as to seek a win-win situation and the maximal value for our cooperators.

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Henan Leef Fertilizer Co., Ltd.
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Office: # 1-B-301, No.6 Cuizhu St., 450001 Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Factory: Balicha, Liuzhai, Xinmi, Zhengzhou, Henan

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